Why hire a technically advanced appraiser?

Online Ordering

We have online ordering available, all you have to do is basically log in and it automatically inputs the order into our software here at the office.  After we accept the order, you get a confirmation from us and are then able to track the status of the appraisal along the way (from inspection to completion).

Data Gathering / Research

We have access to all of the latest & greatest sources of info, including TMLS, County GIS, Loopnet, Zillow, Realist, etc. to many other online valuation systems.  This combined with John's extensive database of local appraisal reports dating back to the late 1800's give us a great advantage over most appraisers that are just breaking into this market. 


If you still prefer to order by fax or phone, that's no problem.  We'll even deliver it in person if that's what you need.